Spanish Paprika

El Pimentón De La Vera (Spanish Paprika from La Vera). The peppers for the production of paprika are mostly located in the natural district of La Vera, in the North of the region of Cáceres, where the climate is subtropical, waters are pure and without salinity and the soils contain a good amount of organic extracts.LaDaliaIHL250 This microclimate is considered to be ideal for the growing of the solanaceous Capsicum plant.  The paprika with the Denomination of Origin ‘Pimentón de la Vera’ is a strictly regulated product obtained from the crushing of the fruits of the Capsicum plant in its varieties ‘cerasiforme’ or ‘longum’. The growing of peppers for the production of paprika in the district of La Vera, in Caceres, started in the 16th Century, thanks to the Hieronymite Monks at the Yuste Monastery. However, it was not until the end of last Century that this crop was established in large irrigation lands in the district.

The Pimentón de la Vera presents a powder-like consistency, an intense red colour and a characteristic and delicate taste of Oakwood smoke, which remains of its traditional drying process and the stability of its three organoleptic characteristics.

We offer you three types of Smoked Paprika:

  • Sweet paprika: Soft to the palate
  • Bittersweet paprika: Mildly spicy to the palate
  • Spicy paprika: Strong spicy taste

Also available: ground Spanish paprika powder.