Natural & Crispy Swell-Dried Products

DIC is an innovative technology for swell-drying fruits and vegetables. The DIC treatment results in high quality dried products that are natural, crispy, and light without the use of additives.

Swell Dried AppleEssential flavour and taste components of the fruits and vegetables are extremely well preserved. DIC swell-drying is organic compliant because nothing is added to the final product: no added oil, acrylamide, fat, salt, sugar or other chemicals.

Swell dried products are valuable because of their wide panel of applications. They can be consumed directly as a snack or used as ingredient for following applications: soups, dips, bakery, ice creams, cereal, food service and others. For example, snacking is often associated with sweet, fatty, or otherwise unhealthy products. Swell dried fruits and vegetable products offer an alternative, natural and healthy form of snacking with that great crispy texture.

Dehydrated CarrotThese products are available in slices, strips, dices, flakes and powder form.

About DIC Technology

The principle behind the DIC technology is the use of a very short thermic treatment (few seconds) followed by a very sudden drop in pressure towards vacuum (<200 ms).

DIC involves following steps:

  • Preliminary Vacuum Stage (1) – In order to get the greatest contact between the steam and product surface.
  • Injection of Steam (2) – Used to establish 10 seconds of steam pressure to control the temperature (Temperature < 200C, Pressure < 20 bars).
  • Pressure Drop (3) – An abrupt pressure drop (> 5 bars/s) twoards vacuum causes auto-vapourization, cooling and a perfectly controlled “swelling” of the product.
  • Return to Atmospheric Pressure (4).

This all typically happens in under a minute. The results are compelling:Swell Dried Tomato

  • High reduction of global drying time preventing form degradation of the product.
  • Instantaneous and controled evaporation of water located inside the product (often the most difficult to eliminate).
  • Texturation effect of the product leads to swelling and hence the term “swell-drying”.
  • Superior visual aspect.
  • Products turn out to be crispy and easy consumed.
  • Texturation effect promotes better extraction of non volatile molecules and volatile essential oil.
  • Increased availability of active molecules (flavono├»des, antioxydants, etc.) from fruits & vegetables.
  • Inhibition of enzymatic activity significantly reducing the ageing of the products.
  • Microbiological and biological decontamination of the products: efficient destruction of thermoresistant organisms and also insects, larvae and parasites.
  • Increased specific surface of powder leading to higher solubility and wet ability.