Ingredient Hotline Exhibting at the Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology’s Toronto Suppliers’ Night Table Top

Toronto, Ontario, Tuesday, November 17, 2009 – Ingredient Hotline, Inc., a supplier of unique, natural ingredients for the food manufacturing and nutraceutical industries will be participating at the 21st edition of the CIFST Toronto Section Suppliers’ Night Table Top Exhibition. Those active in the food industry (CIFST members and non-members) are invited to attend this event at the Toronto International Centre (Hall 2) at 6900 Airport Road, Mississauga, Ontario. Last year’s Table Top had well over 200 exhibitors. It’s a fantastic opportunity to network with your food
industry colleagues, and find out what’s new.

At this year’s show, Ingredient Hotline is pleased to feature innovative products from our partners Crossroads Spices & Seasonings, RFCar Botanicals, and ABCAR-D.I.C. including:

A complete line of straight spices and seasoning blends. We can also create custom, high performance blends for individual applications.

Aji Pepper pastes and sauces made with Rocoto and Amarillo peppers. Rocoto is a meaty pepper that comes in a variety of vibrant colours, from yellow to red. It is one of the hottest peppers of South America with a generous range of scoville units (from 30,000 to 70,000) depending on the method of preparation. The Amarillo is widely used in South American cooking. Orange in colour, it has a pleasant mild, smoked flavour.

Yacón Syrup is made from 100% Yacón root, a close relative of the Jerusalem artichoke. The process to make yacon syrup involves juicing the yacon tubers and then concentrating the juice to about 50-60 Bx, but with an amazingly low Glycemic Index of 1. It is similar to Maple Syrup in colour, but with 40% less calories and containing Soluble Fibre. It is considered to be a prebiotic.

Swell-dried fruits and vegetables. High quality dried fruit and vegetable products that are natural, crispy, and light without the use of additives are made Using a unique pressure drop drying technology. These products can be consumed directly as a snack or used as an ingredient in applications such as soups, dips, bakery, ice creams, cereal, and food service.

About Ingredient Hotline

Modern consumers are better informed and more demanding than ever before. Globalization has provided access to a greater number of suppliers and a wider variety of products, resulting in very discerning palates. They are relentless in their pursuit of quality and functionality, while at the same time expecting reasonable prices. Ingredient Hotline, Inc. is the bridge between the needs of the modern consumer and Food & Nutraceutical manfacturers. We work with responsible producers to supply unqiue, natural ingredients that can be applied in various product segments which will resonate in today’s market.

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