Cocoa & Chocolate

Product Country of Origin Pack Size
Cocoa Powder Spain 1 MT
Chocolate Powder Spain 1 MT
White Chocolate Powder Spain 1 MT
Functional Moulding Chocolate Spain 1 MT
Cocoa Butter Spain 1 MT
Fair Trade Cocoa And Chocolate Spain 1 MT
Organic Cocoa And Chocolate Spain 1 MT

Featured Cocoa & Chocolate Products

Organic Cocoa Derivatives & Chocolate

Our producer, Natracacao, is a certified manufacturer of organic products and has a wide range of cocoa derivatives and chocolate covering products.   (more…)

Cocoa Mass

This is produced from cleaned, winnowed, roasted cocoa beans that are ground until a fine liquid is produced.   (more…)

Cocoa Butter

This product is obtained through the hydraulic pressing of cocoa mass.   (more…)

Cocoa Powder

The cocoa cake obtained by pressing cocoa mass is converted into cocoa powder by grinding and subsequent tempering. (more…)