Dehydrated Fruits & Powders

Product Country of Origin Pack Size
Swell Dried Onions France
Swell Dried Tomatoes France
Swell Dried Strawberries France
Swell Dried Apples France
Swell Dried Kiwis France
Swell Dried Red Peppers France
Swell Dried Bananas France
Swell Dried Carrots France
Coconut Flour Philippines 5 Kg
Calamansi Fruit Powder Philippines
Dalandan Fruit Powder Philippines
Guanabana Fruit Powder Philippines
Papaya Fruit Powder Philippines
Mango Fruit Powder Philippines
Pineapple Fruit Powder Philippines

Featured Dehydrated Fruits & Powders Products

Natural & Crispy Swell-Dried Products

DIC is an innovative technology for swell-drying fruits and vegetables. The DIC treatment results in high quality dried products that are natural, crispy, and light without the use of additives. (more…)