Dehydrated Vegetables & Powders

Product Country of Origin Pack Size
Broccoli powder Italy
Broccoli 5 mm Italy
Broccoli 5 mm Italy
Broccoli 12 mm Italy
Cabbage Green-White Italy 12 Kg
Cabbage Green powder Italy
Cabbage Green Italy
Cabbage White Italy
Carrot, Strips Mexico
Carrot, diced Mexico
Cauliflower powder Italy
Cauliflower florets Italy
Cauliflower granules Italy
Sweet Yellow Corn, Powder New Zealand
Corn Corn, Powder Peru
Mushroom, Portobella sliced USA
Mushroom, Portobella powder USA
Onion, kibbled Mexico
Pepper, Red Bell strips USA
Pepper Red Bell granules USA
Pepper Red Bell powder USA
Pepper, Red Bell strips USA
Pepper Green Bell granules USA
Pepper Green Bell powder USA
Pumpkin Powder New Zealand
Pumpkin Flakes New Zealand
Spinach leaves Italy
Spinach powder Italy 20 Kg
Tomato Chips 2-5 mm Italy
Tomato Chips 3-7 mm Italy
Tomato powder HB Italy
Tomato powder CB ORGANIC Italy
Tomato powder CB Italy
Tomato slices Mexico
Red Wine Powder 5% Italy
Red Wine Powder Superior 10% Italy
White Wine Powder 5% Italy
White Wine Powder Superior 10% Italy
Zucchini Diced Italy
Zucchini powder Italy
Pure Amarillo Pepper Powder Peru 50 Kg
Pure Rocoto Pepper Powder Peru 50 Kg

Featured Dehydrated Vegetables & Powders Products

Dehydrated Vegetables, Herbs and Spices

Our producer, located in northern Thailand, has over 20 years experience in the manufacture of natural food ingredients such as dehydrated vegetables, herbs, spices, and dried fruit. The focus is on research and development while maintaining a rigorous hygiene and food safety standard. (more…)

Tomato Chips

Made from tomato paste that originates in Northern Italy, these superior Tomato Chips are the result of using the drum drying technique, with an accurate control of temperature and moisture. (more…)